So I think it is safe to say that Keira is getting stronger or at the very least more prevalent. I’ve been getting more confident doing certain things, I know for a lot of you this will seem like small stuff, but for me it’s a step in the right direction. Normally when buying clothes, makeup, anything girl related I would order it online and patiently wait at my flat for it to arrive. The last few times however I’ve been getting in delivered to stores or just going in and buying it. The last time I needed razors, shaving foam and nail polish remover I just went to Superdrug and bought them. Like I said a super small stuff but huge for me.

I’m also improving at makeup, learning that when it comes to foundation less is more, I still suck at eyeliner but I am getting better at it. Oh and my nails are finally a nice square shape. InstagramCapture_ee9400fc-259b-4a01-a55b-8d3502e20285I’m going to have to cut them soon for going home which sucks but they do look much nicer pained these days. WP_20150906_004Considering I’m still really far in the closet having a handbag is incredibly pointless, regardless look how pretty it is!!!

A few weeks ago I was having a few drinks at a friend’s Kristy’s flat. She was celebrating finishing her placement and had invited her nursing friends and friends from her home village on a night out. I was talking with a close friend (Kristy’s boyfriend John) and another guy when it was mentioned about someone they knew who had broken their jaw broken and how hard it was for them to talk. I came so close to telling them about how a few days ago when I had a facemask on and it hardened so much I couldn’t open my mouth. It was literally almost out of my mouth before I realised that I was about to say.

Another time when I was having dinner at Kristy and John’s we were sitting round the dinner table on our phones and whatnot. When Kristy said to John show her the picture. I clocked the ‘her’ right away and was quite pleased that she had said it. Kristy remained unaware of what she had said until John corrected her. It was played off as if Kristy had made a silly slip of the tongue. It got me thinking and got me a little paranoid, is there something about me that people are subconsciously picking up on that comes across as a feminine? Then the paranoia kicked in and I’m like maybe they’ve found this blog and already know? So genuine question if any of you guys reading this are able to figure out or know my male identity, please let me know.