Just a Teeny Tiny Update as to me and What I’ve Been Doing

This blog may be slowly morphing into more of a personal blog rather than a trans blog, but hey I guess that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all surly everything doesn’t need to be all trans all the time?

Trans wise things for me are at a bit of standstill, and to be honest I’m ok with that. Sure I would enjoy more Keira time, but I’m getting enough right now to keep me content. I guess I kind of feel like I’ve set it a routine with my Keira time, it’s like it has became a well-oiled machine. I’m hoping (money permitting) to get a flat of my own come the end of June. If that happens it will greatly increase my Keira time. As basically most nights when I finish work I’ll be able to go full girl mode. I’m really looking forward to it.

Other than that, there have been some exciting developments in my life. I’ve finally re-joined the land of gainful employment. I’m going to me the communications officer for a UK based charity. And I can’t tell how nice it feels not only to have a job again, but to also have one that I’m genuinely interested in. It really makes all the difference. I’m now also a film and theatre critic for an online arts magazine, which is awesome as get to go the theatre for free and get screeners of new films months before their DVD release. Which would be awesome on it’s own, but I also really love getting to write about them. Hand on my heart, I just love to write.

The thing I’m most excited about by having a job again is that I’ll actually be able to buy new clothes and make-up. Fun times. Though my latest paycheque has been taken up an impromptu trip home at the end of the month for a relative’s 50th birthday.

Any-who this was just a quick update and hope all you guys are doing well!


Keira x


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