Just a Little Update

Hi all, this is more of a non-post than anything else. I just thought I should post something as I hadn’t in a while; just to let you all know that I’m still kicking about and doing my thang. Truth me told I haven’t posted anything because nothing has really changed. Keira is still having the odd weekend to herself when allowed. I should have the flat to myself all next weekend so I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t had the chance to buy any new stuff either, as funds have been a bit low. So I’ve been avoiding browsing online (mostly…) and making due with what I’ve already got. Other than that, I’ve been writing like crazy the past week or so and may have inadvertently started writing a book. I’ve also been applying for jobs like crazy too, as not having one is starting to take its toll. Not just finically, but emotionally; my self worth has been taking a bit of nosedive. I really don’t understand how people can handle being unemployed, It’s boring as shit.

I’ve also got a few review gigs on the go and will be reviewing my first theatre show tonight, so wish me luck.

Any-who just wanted to check in and I hope all of you guys are doing all right.

Keira x.


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