A Best Friend and Driving in Russia

So no doubt many if not all have you have heard about the draconian law recently passed in good old mother Russia that bans transgender people from holding a driving licence. Well I thankfully don’t live in Russia regardless of the fact that I can’t actually drive.

Last night I was on my way with my flatmate and his girlfriend to another friends house for a few drinks (yay the student lifestyle where it’s socially acceptably to get a little drunk on a Sunday night) when we inexplicably got on to the topic of Russia’s trans driving ban. Needless to say we where all against it and thought it was pretty stupid. The subject moved on to how the law covers anyone with a mental health issues, (geez even writing that made me a little angry, I currently fighting the urge not to make this post a little bit ranty) when my flatmate and best friend said that “this isn’t going to be popular opinion, but transsexuals will find any reason to be depressed. Even if they didn’t want to live as the opposite sex they’d still find a reason to be depressed.” I can’t describe how hurt I was by this, I mean yeah he doesn’t know I’m trans, but he does know that on occasion I suffer from depression. I mean this guy is my best friend one day I’m potentially going to have to tell him that I want to live openly as a woman. This was a bit of knockback, just the thought that he finds the whole thing a bit stupid. I’m even a little bit upset with myself that I didn’t say anything, that I didn’t defend myself and trans people everywhere. But at that moment I was just more scared that if I did say anything he’d know I was trans. Which is stupid itself, I mean why would he? I guess I’m just a bit annoyed that I let my fear get the better of me. Who knows, I’m sure he’d act differently if he knew I was trans. Maybe this goes to show the importance of education on trans issues.

WP_20150112_001On a more positive note I kickass at Cards Against Humanity, which I think either makes me funny or a terrible person… maybe both.


3 thoughts on “A Best Friend and Driving in Russia

  1. I love what you wrote, I feel like I was reading something I wrote, we struggle through the same things sometimes, and it helps reading other people say the same things as I feel, just to know I’m not alone. Please feel free to write me, I could really use a like minded person, that has nothing to gain or lose by talking with me. Unfortunately people in the area I live are very opportunistic in the trans world

    • I’ve always found it comforting to know that other people have had similar experiences. And like wise if you ever want to chat about something I’m happy to listen.

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