Fake Nails and Typing

So my plan was for this evening was to write a post about all the new stuff I got and what happened to me today. However i decided to try out fake nails and they slow down my typing to the point where it’s frustrating. So I’m just going to wait until I take them off on Friday. On the plus side they look fantastic! They are very much a novelty, but I’m enjoying them.



10 thoughts on “Fake Nails and Typing

  1. For me it was using my cellphone and my laptop when I am not using my wireless keyboard As both a handywoman, who has switched out hoses, alternators and batteries in my car more than once, as well as a visual artist, I gave up on applied nails and gel polish because they kept chipping or getting pulled off. They did look fabulous and made my fingers look narrower as with a cis woman.

  2. Wow! I’d love to try these, but can’t see me doing so for a while. I’ve been discreetly growing and filing mine, just a little at a time but they’ll never match those babies. As always, your nail colour is fab. xSib

    • My nails are another thing I’ve grown quite bold with. I normally let them grown semi-longish now before I trim them. I do enjoy filing and buffing them too. And yes red is the best lol. Xxx

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