Lingering Sentiment from the New Year

Perhaps it’s lingering sentiment from the New Year, but I’m feeling pretty confident that 2015 is going to be my year. It’s very cliché, I know, but I’m feeling positive and that’s after spending 6 days at home, which always ends in me feeling a little down. Nothing bad ever happens my family just stress me out and not because they do anything wrong. It’s really related to my own hang-ups and how I’ve always sort of felt like the black sheep in the family, like I don’t fit in.

Any-who on a more fun/upbeat note I got a bit of money for Christmas and I’ve decided to treat myself and buy some new clothes and a pair of shoes. I’m excited about it all, but I’ve wanted a pair of red heels for ages and I’ve finally found a pair I like and can afford, so yay. I’ve also so ordered some more make up, I’ve been looking at contouring a lot online and decided that I’m going to give it a try. It feels like the next step, as I’ve gotten quite bold with the amount of make up I’m wearing in my daily life. It’s progressed from clear mascara and some concealer under my eyes to that plus a light amount of foundation everyday. I wouldn’t say wearing make up everyday makes me look more feminine, but it does make me feel more feminine. I’m hoping that contouring (if I can get good at it) will allow me to see a notable change in my appearance.

My flatmate is talking about going home this coming week, and obviously I hope he does, just so I can get a bit of Keira time, especially since I have clothes arriving on Tuesday. Needless to say, I’m going to want play about with my new additions to my wardrobe. WP_20150104_001Between clothes, shoes and make up I now understand why girls’ rooms tend to be so cluttered, we really do need a lot of stuff and it all takes up space. I’ve had to do a bit of rearranging to make it more practical. After all since I’m wearing make up everyday now, it was getting a bit annoying always have to get in out of the box in my wardrobe. So it has now been moved the much more convenient place of the top drawer of my desk (which you tell by the photo needs a bit of organising). So I guess if you wanted to read too much into it, you could see as an example as to how my life and daily routine are evolving because of Keira.

Any-who thanks for reading and Happy New Year everyone xxx


4 thoughts on “Lingering Sentiment from the New Year

    • So am I to an extent, I hate clutter and things sitting around. Minimalist style of decorating shall we say; I’m just not sure that’s possible with being a girl. I just don’t have that much storage space. Haha.

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