I tried to do Something Good and Wasn’t Very Good at it

Hi guys, I felt like posting something, but nothing really trans related has been happening in my life lately; so this will be a mainly personal post. (Just read that last sentence back, they’re all personal posts, duh) You may or may not remember me writing about how I had taken a job as a roaming fundraiser. Well long story short I wasn’t very good at it and am thus currently unemployed. This sounds worst than it actually is; luckily I have a bit of money in saving, which with carful budgeting should see me through to February. I’m quietly confident that I’ll have found a new job by then, as before I took the fundraising job the offers were coming in thick and fast.

Also on the plus side, taking that fundraising job got me out of a rut, and will force me into new and exciting things. I think it will also be nice to have a bit of time off, as the last several years my life has been either Stressing out cause I’m not doing enough work for Uni or stressing out because I’m wasn’t getting enough hours at my job. So now I just get a bit of me time or more importantly a bit of Keira time. Take for instance this weekend; my flatmate is away home, so I’m home alone (apart from the cat). All I’ve been able to think is that if I still had my old old job (the one before the fundraising one) I’d be working morning this weekend and would have to de-Keira-fy each night, but nope, thanks to what I hope will be a brief stint in unemployment I have like 4 whole days of all Keira and Play Station… bliss.

Oh three random things trans-ish things did happen when I was away.

  1. I’ve started wearing foundation under my eyes to help cover the shadows. I was wearing the foundation when I was in London the day before my training. When I got to my Aunts place I realised that I hadn’t put it on very well and that you could totally see where it met regular skin. It was very noticeable, and I’m pretty certain my aunt did, though she didn’t say anything.
  2. During the training for the fundraising job, another girl who was there misheard me say where I used to work and thought I said Spa, and commented that I had very nice nails. I took it as compliment.
  3. Not that it bothers me at all, but I’m pretty sure the other guys on my team thought I gay, but in the closet. I guess stuff like that can be pretty common for trans people.

Anywho, it’s nice to be back and I look forward to catching up with what has been going on with you guys. I may write another post explaining in more detail what happen when I was fundraising. I’ve just told the story so much the last week that I’m a little bored with it.

Peace K.


6 thoughts on “I tried to do Something Good and Wasn’t Very Good at it

  1. Hey girl, missed you, missed your lovely posts, as much as i’m glad you’re back to the blogging world, i’m sad about losing your job .. i’m quite confident you’ll do just as fine ..

    Love and hugs,

    • Thanks Nour, I’m enjoying being back. Honestly I’m really not worried about the job thing. I have a bit of money saved and I’m confident I’ll find a job before it runs out.

  2. Hi Keira – I spent five years training for something I was rubbish at and another five years doing it, so I’d say you’re doing ok. Enjoy your break, you’ll be up and running again in no time. You’ve got me wanting bright green nails now! xSiobhan

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