Psychologist or Interview?

forkinroad1So here’s where I’m at right now, tomorrow at 10:40 I have my first psychologist appointment and at 11:00 I now have a job interview on the other side of the city. I still haven’t decided which one I’m going to go to. I want to go the psychologist because I really want to start making progress with coming to terms with my transgender-ness and this appointment has already been delayed by about three weeks and I really don’t want to have it delayed again. On the other hand I decided not to go back to university this year, which means that I am no longer a student and thus now get charged council tax. Long story short I’m dirt ass poor and my part time job isn’t giving me enough hours to cover my outgoing expenses. This thing is the job I have an interview for is at a call centre selling double glazing and I really don’t think I’m going to like it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate it. The thing is the base salary is a shit load more than I currently make. So what do I do guys? Psychologist or interview?

Do I go to interview and hope I get a new appointment for the not too distant future or go to the psychologist and not go for a job I really don’t want, hoping I’ll get a better job interview soon?

Any advice or thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.