Twitter logoI went and got a twitter account, so if you’re that way inclined feel free to follow me @callmekeira88. I’ll be tweeting about fascinating topics such as the weather and what I had for lunch. Examples include “looks like rain, best take a coat” and “I could totally go a burger right now”. It’s really not to be missed.

I really got it as way to say/get trans related stuff of my chest. Stuff that doesn’t really merit a blog post. I’ll probably also tweet about what would be considered stereotypical girl stuff that I don’t feel comfortable saying in boy mode. Like all social media it’s basically just a way for me to express myself. Who knows how much I’ll use it or even if it’ll be interesting to anyone other than me.

So if any of you who already follow my blog and have a twitter of your own are interested, give me a follow and I’ll follow back. I’m totally up for hearing what you have to say.



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