What I’d Like to Wear Today

What I’d like to wear today today but first a little background. So it’s a warm but rainy day in good old Scotland and I have a teeny tiny bit of a hangover. Which frankly is quite surprising considering I only had like three bottles of beer over a 5 hour period. Just goes to show that I’m a rare breed of Irish who can in fact not handle their drink. Anywho had I the choice/opportunity/money this is what I would be enjoying my handover and shitty TV shows in. Probably going to order takeaway tonight, one last little treat before I go back to work tomorrow.


Jersey Top

Jersey Top

Checked Cotton Shirt

Checked Cotton Shirt

I wouldn’t be wearing the shirt buttoned up the entire way. May or may-not have it tucked in. That’s the kind of thing I would need to decide when wearing it.

Strecth Trousers High Waist Front

Stretch Trousers High Waist Front

Strecth Trousers High Waist Back

Stretch Trousers High Waist Back

Converse Ctas Tri Zip Navy Sparkle Wash Side

Converse Ctas Tri Zip Navy Sparkle Wash Side View

Converse Ctas Tri Zip Navy Sparkle Wash Back

Converse Ctas Tri Zip Navy Sparkle Wash Back

It’s the back of these Converse that made me fall in love with them.

East End Purple

East End Purple


6 thoughts on “What I’d Like to Wear Today

      • Both are awesome my dear, the selection here is really interesting, with very nice taste .. in fact i was about to cheat this from you as an androgynous, casual look that i could use going to work, or going out and about until i’m ready to present as female ..

        Yesterday’s selection was 100% girly 🙂

        So, for me both are totally different 🙂 each with its own lovely taste .. you do have a very nice wide range and interesting taste my dear .. Keep those up .. looking forward to your next collection 🙂


      • I get what you mean by androgynous, it’s very similar to stuff I wear now, expect I still shop from the guy section of clothes shops. Oh and you’re very welcome to the look.

        Yeah it was casual but today was not a day for dresses and heels, you can’t always be 100% girly. It’s not always practical lol.

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