A Clean(ish) Shave

Yesterday I told my flatmate that I was thinking of clean shaving, I did this as a way to sow seeds so that it wouldn’t come as sure a surprise; as I haven’t clean shaved in about four years. Mainly because (as a guy) I think I suit a bit of stubble on the old face. When I told him this, he also said that he was thinking of doing the same, so we’ve made it in to a bit of a competition called The Beard off Beard on. Where basically whoevers beard grows back first wins. I’m going to win, and this may sound weird especially after what I wrote last night, but I’ve always been proud of my ability to grow a beard, proud of this one manly thing I can do. Clean shaving has been something I’ve put off doing since I began this whole embrace the trans thing, partly because I do actually quite like my stubble and also because… well I’m not sure why to be honest. Something inside me was hesitant to do it, but I used the competition as a way to take the plunge. And I have to say shaving is as horrible as I remember it being. One of the reason I stopped doing it to begin with was because I have quite sensitive skin and shaving always irritated it; this hasn’t changed in four years. Also because I normally trim my stubble quite close to my face, when I do bother to trim, I personally don’t see a big difference in how I look. I shaved as close as I could without going against the grain, as that’s one sure fire way to guarantee that my face would break out red, blotchy, itchy post-shaving hell. Below are a before and after shot. The before is about a weeks growth.


As my flatmate was still in bed I took the opportunity to try a bit of concealer over my chin, granted the only concealer I own is for around the eyes, but I thought I’d try in anyway out of curiosity. To be honest it didn’t conceal very much, you could still clearly see where my facial hair grows which I expected. On the plus side for a first time shot in the dark at buying concealer online I am very pleased with how well it matched my complexion.


3 thoughts on “A Clean(ish) Shave

  1. 🙂 when i saw the photo in my reader it just made me smile 🙂

    For the concealing part, you should use foundation that’s as close to your skin tone as possible, an application sponge, and believe me it will do wonders ..

    I’m not sure if this would comfort you, but if you decide to transition and start HRT, anti-androgens will reduce the growth rate dramatically ..

    By the way, there’s an increasing number of males who do shave/wax their legs and body hair in general, that’s why they have created several hair removal products for males, but hey, i’ll let you discover this on your own 🙂

    Good luck Keira, you’re on track 🙂

  2. I had a beard for most of medical school. Shaving definitely is terrible. I think I hate having the beard just a little bit more than I do shaving though. It’s a painful battle! It’s definitely a difficult thing to hide with makeup when your up close. I’ve found that the dermablend cover cream works pretty well as long as it’s the right shade. It feels like HRT has slowed down the beard growth a bit, so that helps. I don’t really get a 5 O’clock shadow anymore.

    • I shaved again this morning and went against the grain and it hasn’t irritated my skin as much as I thought it would so that’s a plus; still hate shaving though. I’ll have a look out for the dermablend, (thanks for the tip) I’m pretty pale, so hopefully the lightest shade will do the trick.

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