Two Random Thoughts

At my work I tend to do a lot overtime as I need/want the money. Inevitability this means that from time to time I work with other supervisors. I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to take charge even when it should sit back and let the supervisor whose shift it is take charge. Normally this is fine as I’m competent at my job and the other supervisor gets to have it as an easy shift. What I noticed was what as a guy when I work with the female supervisor, she grumbles a bit when I take charge but ultimately laughs it off (we use to be quite friendly and have this weird flirty relationship). What strikes me as interesting is that as a guy this kind of thing is generally accepted at least it is by her. However if I were a girl, she in no way would stand for it. If I tried it I’d be called a bitch (and rightly so). I just thought the different treatments between genders was fascinating, and I assume something I will notice a lot more if I do ever transition.

Random thought number two: I’m not particularly fond of my Surname. When I use to imagine getting married as a guy as was never that bothered if my wife would take my name or not. I do however want what ever kids I would have to have my surname, (carry on the family name and all, though actually both my parents have different surnames to me, but that’s a story for another day) and I’m pretty sure I would still want that if I did transition and had kids. I’m just not sure how it would work, I assume some sort of conversation with my partner would be required; hopefully she wouldn’t feel as strongly about as I do. My surname is also a first name, so worst case if it was a boy it could be a middle name.


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