Trans Challenge: Day 30

So this is it huh? The final day, the final trans challenge (though I’m sure I’ll have more real life trans challenges in the future). Well what can I say it has been fun, I’ve really enjoyed writing these answers in the morning while I drink my coffee. It’s become part of my morning routine and I’m going to miss it now that it’s done. Any-who, a big thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting and I’ll try and keep updating the blog each day as I’ve discovered that I actually quite enjoy blogging. It’s become a bit of an addiction that makes me feel good… so I guess it’s like a drug. Well without further ado here’s the final question and answer.


Q: Write a haiku about being trans.

A: I decided to write a limerick (sort of – it doesn’t have the correct amount of syllables), because, well it’s just more fun.


A young man thought he might be a bender,

But then certain memories started to render.

So he started to write,

A whole load of shite,

And now he thinks he might be transgender.


5 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 30

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    • Thank you, I’m definitely going to try, though I reckon I might end up blogging about my interests and other random stuff along with the trans related. This could become an all encompassing blog of every thought that goes traipsing though my head.

  2. A: So I always thought i’m bad with words, but when i started i couldn’t stop 🙂 took me almost 1 hour to write, so this is gonna be lengthy so bear with me, there it goes:

    A young boy, always felt uncomfortable
    being in his own skin was not always bearable

    To god, to become a girl, he always prayed
    but as a boy he always stayed

    Crying at night to the stars
    and at age of 11 his mom dies

    with heavy heart, through his life he goes
    but the hope in his heart always survives

    ladies panties he always wears
    with make up he always tries

    Got Married, and with a baby girl he was blessed
    then 2 years later another baby girl arrived

    His inner lady started to up everyday
    with his girls he always loved to play

    Then to his wife he got a divorce
    for he couldn’t tell his secret to anyone else

    Then he met her
    a beauty with a rose in her hair

    In love he falls
    but between his heart and brain there was always wars

    between what the hear feels
    and what the brain seeks

    He told her that he always wished to be a lady
    In silence she stayed, she kept her response shady

    On marriage they agreed
    And in their home the love is protected

    in their life a baby boy comes in to stay
    but all the night for boobies he’d always cry 😀

    while the baby grows
    with his mommy, daddy always talks

    About the dysphoria he always had
    the talks were not that bad

    after a life time of cross-dressing in secret
    a she now starts to crawl out the closet

    Make up, nail polish, at home starts to always wear
    and stopped shopping for male clothes and underwear

    starts building a more lovely wardrobe
    filling it up with pejamas, panty hoses, panties and a pink robe

    The woman within he starts to release
    For ages she has been locked away, and not allowed much of a breath

    for all those years, in these lies he always lived
    trying to blend, trying to pretend

    The community is very aggressive
    against transgenders, everyone can easily become abusive

    suddenly everyone can be the judge and the jury, in court rulin’
    for being a transgender here is considered a sin

    but the heart over the mind has finally won
    against the current it was decided to swim

    Slowly the lady within takes over
    by the day she’s taking more power

    And finally a decision was made to start seeing a shrink
    By two psychiatrists he was given a nice kick

    Knowing failure and giving up are no option
    he gone crazy researchin’

    From Standard of Care, to HRT
    To blood tests looking for T

    Knew everything now
    And started to make his vow

    That he’d never let go of a dream
    for being transgender, is not like a walk for an ice-cream (i don’t know where the heck this came from?)

    Started hormones on 30th of march
    but always knew with the community there will certainly be a clash

    HRT made some changes that started to show
    in 6 weeks the breasts began to grow

    With BMI below 17, started to gain fats and weight
    With some fitness, that’s good for the heart

    Thighs are widening, butt is taking beautiful shape
    And by the day, boobs are starting to look fab.

    A smoother skin is now showing up
    and to vivid dreams everyday now wakes up

    now being more emotional
    with wife and kids found the love unconditional

    Tears are always close
    however happiness now in every corner now appears

    Thanks to mommy’s genes,
    A gift she left to her kid; That’s how it seems

    but because of T, now a nose job will certainly be required
    but first a name is needed

    Using the male pronouns now feels awkward
    i must find a way to move forward

    As the fight between the mind and heart goes on
    Nour, is now the name i choose to live on

    yes, i was talking about the story of my life
    I’m finally feeling like myself

    Still have a long way though
    but keeping my spirit up, that i’m sure will get me through

    The train has left the station, there’s no going back
    This is me, a trans-woman, from all the lies i’m taking my life back

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