The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Neurosis (Disney’s lesser known and successful follow up to The Lady and the Tramp)

Manchester Photographer 07968 146210So, the Lady Boys of Bangkok are coming to my city, and in my store we have those little promotional fliers that you get, offering a discount on a ticket or whatever. Yesterday I started work early so one of the women that I work with could get her tickets. This inevitably led to a conversation about transsexuals, cross dressers, et al. I was surprised to find that she was quite supportive and not at all bias, which makes me feel that if I were to begin transitioning while working there I wouldn’t be completely ostracised and have support from other members of staff. The conversation basically went along the lines of “it’s crazy how good some of the transsexual look, you’d never be able to tell they were born a guy.” As nice as it is to find out that people I know aren’t prejudice against trans-folk, though it does make me paranoid as shit. I’ve said before that trans related things have been cropping up more and more often in my life; the paranoid side of me is like “what if everyone I know is secretly reading this blog? And not saying anything, waiting for me to come out.” Plus I feel like people have been looking at me differently lately, and paranoia says it’s because they know! I’d like to think it’s because in general lately, I’ve been happier and it’s that they are noticing. The paranoia is crazy I know, I think it’s just another example of the rational verses emotional me thing. But hey, at least I know when I’m being crazy, that’s something right?



3 thoughts on “The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Neurosis (Disney’s lesser known and successful follow up to The Lady and the Tramp)

    • I don’t know, I was thinking about it. I might see if any of my friends are up for it. Not sure how I’ll react to it though, I’m a little worried if I went that it could make me feel a bit jealous/shitty cause they all look really good and I’m fairly confident that I’ll never be able to look that feminine. But we’ll see, if I do go I’m sure I’ll blog about it.

      • Please do blog it if you go. And I understand totally, I am already jealous of those curves just from looking at the picture! 😉

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