A Weird Sort of Milestone

So I got a nice little surprised when I got home from work, and that was that my boots had arrived (I wasn’t expecting them until Thursday). So I’m wearing them right now and I am very pleased, they very much rock. I’ve also reached a weird sort of milestone, I now own more girls shoes than I do guys, I mean granted that wouldn’t be difficult, as as a guy I only own one pair of trainers and one pair of shoes (what can I say guys’ shoes really don’t appeal to me). I just find it oddly amusing that I now have more shoe options as girl than a guy. I also now have to clear out a drawer in my wardrobe to keep all my new stuff. I’m sure the novelty will pass but it’s crazy how much more enjoyable I find doing everyday mundane household chores wearing clothes I want to wear, I’ve even found myself going around the flat looking for things to do. My kitchen is extra clean right now. So yeah I’m looking forward to getting to try a bunch of clothing combinations and check out the boots they frickin’ ROCK!



UPDATE: Not to be that weird person, but I really like the way my ass looks in skinny jeans. I never thought I had one before, so that’s nice.


5 thoughts on “A Weird Sort of Milestone

    • Thanks, I’m really chuffed with them. I’m a little on the big side for a girl and a little small for a guy so I guess I’m not too bad. I’m woman’s size 7 in the UK and a lot of the time it seems to work out that the shoes I like don’t come in my size. I think I got lucky with the boots. I guess all we can do is keep on looking.

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