Trans Challenge: Day 27

Q:What goals do you have?

A: So very many. There are absolutely loads of things I want to do with my life, for the sake of this blog I should probably limit my reply to ones related to being trans, but I’m not going to. From April until recently I’ve sort of been at a standstill regarding what I want to do with my life. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted to do per say, but rather that there were so many different things I wanted to do, and they all took me in different directions. Did I really want to do an MLitt? Come the end of April I was that frazzled after a dissertation on the Representations of Text in Ergodic Literature and a research essay on Post-Structuralism that I honestly thought I was done with higher education forever. Turns out I wasn’t as I’ve actually ended up applying for an MLitt, I figured I’ve got another year in me. I’ve also said before how I would one day like to run my own TV show, but I’d also like to write a novel, I even contemplated trying to open my own comic book store.

I have other silly dreams and ambitions, like one day winning a BAFTA, I also really want to go to Comic Com in Santiago, but not as member of the public, (not that that wouldn’t be awesome) but as a member of a panel, again preferably of my own TV show. I also sort of run a small production company at the moment, which I’d like to take further.

As far as goals in relation to living fulltime as Keira go, I’m still not sure that’s even 100% what I want. At the moment I’m just waiting to see what happens after my first counselling section. I think ultimately I’ll be happy if I can come to a lasting peace with who I am, be that a cross dresser or as a girl. I guess my main goal is just to understand who I am better.

Can you tell that I’m quite indecisive?


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