My Stuff has Started Arriving

So my first two deliveries arrived today and I’m pretty happy with most of the stuff I purchased. Except for one yellow jumper. When ordering it I didn’t realise that it had this weird necklace thing around the collar. Turns out it’s a bit of an old lady jumper… think I might have the fashion sense of an old lady. Well old lady might be a bit harsh, but I’m pretty sure it’s something my mother would wear. Meh I’ll figure it out, this is all still pretty new to me, my style is still developing. I’m happy with the rest of it though and I can return the jumper so it not really that big of a deal. I also got some new makeup as well. I’ve now got eyeliner and eye shadow, the eye shadow I can (in my opinion) put on ok. Well at least I’m happy with the results, the eyeliner on the other hand… I’m finding tricky, basically I’m blind without my glasses and my hands are nowhere near steady enough to get the affect I want. I’m hoping practice will make perfect. All that’s let to come is a pink vest, which should arrive tomorrow, and pair of Rocket Dog boot (which I’m really looking forward too) on Wednesday. It’s silly how excited I get thinking about it, and agonising it is to wait for the deliveryman show up.

Yeah this is jumper I'm not the keen on.

Yeah this is jumper I’m not the keen on.

photo 2 photo 3-2

I also got a pair of tights to go along with these.

I also got a pair of tights to go along with these.


4 thoughts on “My Stuff has Started Arriving

  1. Have you tried contact lenses Kiera? My eyesight is pretty poor too but I always wear lenses when presenting female – I’m far too vain for glasses. Makes eyeliner a whole lot easier to put on too, I’d be as bad as you say you are with uncorrected vision.

    • Tried them once a few years ago and wasn’t that keen. Mainly I sucked at putting them in and taking them out, and found them quite uncomfortable. Think I might give them them another shot, turns out girl me is also pretty vain. Lol. Plus it’d be nice not to have the little nose marks from the glasses on my nose.

  2. Congrats Keira 🙂 I’ve come across this cool blog few days ago for choosing the proper jeans I loved it .. and actually it’s really helping me a lot to choose new items for my new wardrobe .. Looking forward for photos for the new items that would be delivered tomorrow 🙂

    So far personally I’m ordering my stuff either online (for shoes, clothing) or from a catalogue (for the makeup) ..

    • Thanks for the link, all of my stuff has arrived now. May have spend more money than I should have…

      I’m the same, I get all my stuff online, I know it’s different for you because of prejudices and the laws of the country you live in, which is why it seems so silly to say this but I’m not brave enough yet to go in to shops to buy stuff.

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