Trans Challenge: Day 25

Q: Doctor visits

A: So far I’ve only had the one, (in relation to be trans, I’ve been to the doctors before that obvs) and that was to get my referral to the psychologist. I’m pleased to say that yesterday I finally got a letter through the door telling when the appointment was for. It’s not until mid September, which is quite a while away. I had expected that the appointment, when it arrived would be for several months in the future, but what had me worried was that it was taking so long for me to receive the date for the appointment. My paranoia had started to kick in and I thought I was going to have to get in contact with my GP just to make sure she had sent the referral or not lost my details or anything. This is all starting to feel pretty real for me, like getting to transition has gone from being a happy little fantasy to a potential reality. I’m currently a weird mixture of nervous energy, excitement and happiness. Any-who it’s still early days yet, all I can do is wait and see what September brings.

Side note: One thing that did cause me to pause was that the letter said medical students could be present at the appointment. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I happen to know a few medical students, specifically mental health nurses and I don’t want to take the chance that I’ll walk into the room and someone I know will there. Mainly because I want to be able to determine how and when my friends find out; and I absolutely do not want it to be like that. It wouldn’t be fair on them or me, luckily the letter does state that I phone before hand and request that none be present. Think I’m going to do that.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 25

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  2. Well, the entire system here is not trans-friendly, endocrinologists, Psychiatrists, the entire system ..
    I tried to go to an endocrinologist, and I only spent 3 mins with him, and he requested that I leave and take my money back .. that was the one and only visit 🙂

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