Trans Challenge: Day 23

Q: What stereotypes are put on trans people?

A: Well I guess that in my case, (male to female) it’s that transsexuals and drag queens are lumped together, that for the vast majority of people when they think of a trans-girl they automatically envision a butch looking man in high heels and fishnet tights. I would assume for female to male, that most would just expect to see a butch lesbian. Again for people who are transitioning I imagine people wouldn’t see them as the gender they identify with, but rather their biological one and assume that they’re gay and just overly feminine/masculine.

I expect most people not to understand it, and to a certain extent treat individuals who fall under the transgender umbrella in the same way homosexuality once was. That is to say, that it’s a choice, they’re just confused, or in need of therapy.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 23

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  2. A: Ouch, that’s a tough one to answer .. Here trans or even androgynous is equivalent to homosexuality, cross dressing is not tolerable and is also made equivalent to homosexuality ..
    On the other hand homosexuality is considered a sin that can never be forgiven ..
    So to live here at trans you have to pass 100% of the time flawlessly without issues, and not showing your ID which you won’t be able to change the gender field within ..
    The best thing one can do here is to request for a name change to a more gender neutral one ..

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