Trans Challenge: Day 22

Q: Do you feel being trans holds you back from your career choice?

A: No, if anything I think it’ll probably help it. Basically my dream job is to be a show runner on a show I created (or Doctor Who, I desperately want Steven Moffat’s job, I have such big plans for that show) and to be a novelist. I think being trans would absolutely help me sell books and the idealist in me wants to believe that it wouldn’t be a problem for working in television.

At the moment while I put myself though university I work in a grocery store and while I don’t thing my employers would have a problem with my being trans I can imagine having to put up with a lot of crap from small minded customers. Something I’m pretty sure I would struggle with, for as it stands I already have a hard bitting my thong around them. I shudder to think what I might say or do if I felt I was being verbally attacked.


3 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 22

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    • To elaborate more, this is because i still didn’t come out to anyone except my wife and kids, still living presenting in boy mode as long as i’m out .. However the company i’m working for does have great values for diversity and inclusion, they even have LGBT support groups in several EU branches, but how this would work out here ?? I have no idea ..

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