The Bee’s-Knees and Why Amazon Prime and Next Day delivery are a God Send

amazon-prime-logoI always feel really harsh when I say stuff like this, because I genuinely do enjoy living with my flatmate. As I’ve said before he’s my best friend, but he’s going away for a week on holiday with his girlfriend starting Monday and I’m quite excited as I’ll get a whole week in the flat by myself, to do and dress as I want. I was also lucky enough to receive some money from family members for graduating and I’ve decided to use some of it to treat myself to new clothes. Which brings me to the title of the post. Why Amazon Prime and Next Day Delivery are a God Send. I won’t be hitting the order button until Saturday/Sunday which means they’ll arrive Monday, when my flatmate will be away, letting me avoid the normally innocent question of “oh what did you buy”, as any answer would probably result it, “let us see”.

I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself and already added all the stuff I want to the basket, what can I say I’m excited and it is very temping to hit the order button now. I just keep telling myself to wait and that there’s no point doing it now, I wouldn’t be able to try the clothes on until Monday anyway. Plus I know it would be 100 times worse to have them in my wardrobe and not be able to wear them, than waiting to hit order.

I’m also quite enjoying seeing how my fashion sense changes between if I’m buying for guy me or girl me. Turns out it’s surprising similar, but what’s fun to notice is that I’m not as fussy when shopping as a girl (stereotypically you’d assume it would be the other way round). I think it’s because (and I’ve only just realised this) when previously shopping for guys’ clothes I’d tend to like what could be considered more typically feminine styles. For instance I’ve a long cardigan from Top Man that I love and wear all the time, and when browsing for girl clothes I’m came across quite a few similar looking ones in the woman’s section.

Randomly, and this is off topic, I think in general I have quite feminine mannerisms, the way I stand and whatnot. My default for sitting is with my legs crossed, this is something I’ve always since I was a child, but always subconsciously told myself nope, not how a guy sits. Now I just let myself do it. These are all very small things and just stuff I’ve been noticing since beginning to embrace my trans identity.

Any-who I just wanted to make a quick post saying why next day delivery is the bee’s-knee for an in the closet trans-girl.


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