The “No Post Yesterday Post”

Turns out I have 50 followers which is kind of awesome. Who’d have thunk that 50 people would want to read about me prattling on about not being able to make my mind up if I want to be a girl or not.

Also, for the 50 awesome people who do follow me, you may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post my Trans Challenge yesterday. This was because (and I’m happy to say) photo-2I was far too busy graduating. It was awesome day, weather-wise, food-wise, walking across a stage and getting hit on the head by an old man-wise, that I got to spend with my family (which actually wasn’t terrible (my mother tends to stress me out)).

It may not sound like much, but I got to walk across the stage with my toenails painted, which I know isn’t really that big a deal ‘cause I’m the only one who knew, but it  still makes me happy for some reason.

This weekend I get the flat to myself, which is awesome, because I’ve ordered some new cosmetics and clothes that will be getting delivered today and I’m very excited about this! Love new stuff. So yeah life is pretty awesome at the minute and I’m feeling really happy! ß You can tell because I’ve used two exclamation points in one post, (crazy shit, I know) a punctuation a hardly ever use.

Any-who there will be another few posts today when I do yesterdays and todays Trans Challenge questions.





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