Trans Challenge: Day 16

Q: What’s your rock anthem and why?

A: Nobody Cares by The 88 from the album Over and Over, (I recommend everyone check it out, it’s awesome) it’s a song I’ve enjoyed for while now, The 88 are one of my favorite bands and this is one of my all time favorite albums. Recently it’s been resonating with me more since I’ve begun exploring my gender identity. It seems more poignant; I think it’s the lyrics that do it for me. For some reason it makes me feel more positive about being trans. It has become my trans anthem. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 16

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  2. A: For me, that would certainly be Bon Jovi – It’s My Life .. I keeps popping up my head at every corner i’m about to take in my life .. every tough decision i’m about to make .. Loving it ..

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