A Melancholy Ramble on a Warm and Sleepless Night

sleepless-night-400x400Is this reason I feel unhappy? Is it because I’m in the wrong body? On paper my life is pretty great. I have an awesome group of friends, a loving family (though I’m pretty sure my mum forgot about my birthday), in one day I graduate, I have a steady job and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get to study a masters. For all intents and purposes I should be pretty happy, my life is coming together and going great. Yet for some reason I feel hollow, like something is missing. Is it because I want to be a girl? Or do my issues run deeper? I don’t think for a second that transitioning would be simple, but would it make me feel complete? Is the solution to my problems staring me in the face?


These are the questions that will keep me tossing and turning tonight.


2 thoughts on “A Melancholy Ramble on a Warm and Sleepless Night

  1. Just be true to yourself and make choices that you feel will make you happy and fulfilled. If you feel that transitioning is something that is missing from your life, then start to make small changes. You’ll know soon enough if you are on the right path. There are endless outlets to help you discover who you are or what is missing, so don’t feel for a second you have to do it alone.

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