Trans Challenge: Day 15

Q: How have you embraced your trans identity?

A: I’m still trying to; this blog is one of my attempts, ‘cause at the very least I’m being honest to a bunch of complete strangers about how I’m feeling. I’m also doing what I like to call “leaning in to it” which basically means the same, as embracing it, except in my opinion sounds cooler. Embracing it has also helped a lot to alleviate my feelings of shame, mainly because I’ve been researching it, and reading the trans blogs on her so I understand it a lot better. So thanks guys. Also for the life of me I can think of one single thing that is wrong with wanting to be a different gender than the one who were assigned at birth. Seriously, why not?

I’m also slowly building up my wardrobe of girl paraphilia, clothes, nail polish, makeup, etc. I’ve also started acting more “girly” around my friends. I’ve put girly in quotes, because I don’t really think it should be seen as girly, really all it means is that if I like something or think something I would consider to be seen as feminine I say it instead of remain quiet. So far no one has noticed.

I’ve blogged about it in the past but I’ve also taken my first official steps and seen my GP about a referral to a physiologist. You can read about that here.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 15

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  2. A: I just stopped lying to myself, I stopped policing myself to look manly as the community and everyone expects to see from a male ..

    I started letting it all go, admiring fashion out loud, letting my female coworkers know my comments on their clothing, and they started coming to me asking me “what do you think?”, gliding while walking, i like the way i move my hips, and swing my arm, makes me feel hot ..

    I’m just being me without worrying and without being concerned about what others would say or think ..

    It’s my life, my identity, I am how I am, no one has the right to judge me, no one has the right to control my life .. I’m a woman, so I stopped pretending to be a man to please others ..

    Nevertheless, i’ll completely come out to everyone as soon as i’m more confident about myself; as soon as I look in the mirror a see a good looking lady, not just a man in drag ..

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