So my flatmate has been back in the flat since Wednesday and between that and work I haven’t had a chance to do anything “girly” (I really need to find a better word for that) and honestly I think I’m beginning to experience withdrawal. I woke up this morning in a bit of bad mood, been sort of down all day, and pretty restless. I’ve had a very strong desire to do something/anything “girly” (seriously though, better word needed). Luckily my flatmate goes to work shortly, so I’m thinking quick change of clothes, facemask and relax for a few hours, followed another change of clothes for my flatmate coming home. When I actually take the time to type it out it seems incredibly stupid that this is how I’m living my life.

Anyway has anyone ever got a feeling of withdrawal when they couldn’t present as the gender they feel for a while?


3 thoughts on “Withdrawal

  1. I definitely get into a really restless rut. I had a roommate for the last 8 years who didn’t study or spend as much time at school as I did. That meant that my time alone at home was really precious to me. In order to keep from going a little crazy, I would try to be comfortably feminine at night with the door locked. It definitely felt less wrong and while taking off the clothes and makeup was always painful, I still felt like some pressure had been relieved the next day. It’s hard to explain but I think I know what you mean.

  2. Count me in, I tried to keep my female side under control for years, and i was kindda doing fine, however, once i started experimenting with make up, doing my skin care, legs shaving, i couldn’t even stop it for one day .. It’s kind of an addiction, a sweet addition that I love ..

    Few weeks ago, i had some bad feelings about my transition, and that I’m not seeing much progress, i decided not to wear my new PJs on, and decided not to wear my panties and hot shorts .. Only two days later i couldn’t help it, i took a nice shower, and then just jumped into the my pink pyjamas and chose a matching pair of panties (i wear them in pairs for a nice tuck) ..

    A few days ago, i also took few selfies, and i was very disappointed with what i saw, so i said i won’t wear my heels, nor put on nail polish until i get some decent results .. However, i couldn’t help it again, and looking at charts and numbers showed me how wrong i was in those two times ..

    Keep it up girl, and don’t give up, once you’re identified as transgender, it’s not whether you’ll transition or not, it’s only a matter of when you’ll transition ..

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