Trans Challenge: Day 14

Q: What are some of your passing tips or things you do to pass?

A: Absolutely nothing, I’ve never gone out in public. I’m that far in the closet with this that I’m paranoid my friends would ask to many questions if I had a clean shave as I’ve had a stubble beard for like the last 5 years, (which, in my opinion I actually suit, well at least when I’m presenting as a man).

Side note, I actually quite like beards, which is why I was really confused by Conchita Wurst,conchita-wurst-eurovision because on one hand I was like she’s really pretty, you know nice face, nice body and in my opinion could totally pass if she wanted to. On the other hand, I was like her beard is fuckin’ amazing, that’s the kind of beard I want.

It’s a weird time for me, I think I need to reconcile male me with female me, because at the moment I still see them as two separate people. When what I think I need to do is see them as two different aspects that make the whole that is I.

Any-who what was the question? Oh yeah passing. Yeah I don’t do a thing.

On another side note, I’ve also started trying to tuck in private and shave my man parts, which let’s be honest it sucks… well it sucks balls. Maybe I just need more practice, but it keeps coming back up. I should maybe try taping, but I’m not that keen on the idea, it seems like a lot of hassle. I’m seriously beginning to consider that I might be far too lazy to be a girl. I always knew it was a lot of work to be a biological girl, but it’s seem even more work to be a trans one; and I’m not even doing that much. Woe is me.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 14

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  2. A: well me too i have no tips, but there’s something i doing now to help me pass in the near future, which is working on my female mannerisms, and I actually started getting comments from my wife that I’m acting more feminine even when I’m out, the way i walk, the way i sit, the way i stand, etc ..

    As for tucking, i have an idea on this, having my own version of tucking, and here it goes ..

    I bought a set of lycra panties (bikinis) and a matching set of lycra hot shorts ..
    I got the proper sizing from the sizes chart which can be found here (–size-chart.png) .. So I got myself S ..

    I’d wear the bikini panty 1st, and try to hold the big guy (i call it bob) as far to the back between my legs as possible, while pushing the little girls up until they get into the small cavity on the sides of bob’s base .. i’d try to make the panty as snug/flat looking as possible ..

    Then comes up the lycra hot short, which would hug the entire setup, and keep it in place for hours without issues ..

    For the 1st few times i don’t recommend tucking for more than 8 hours, and certainly don’t tuck while sleeping (at least at the beginning), esp if you didn’t start HRT yet ..

    Why is that ?? males’ testies always produce sperm and stores it around it, so to do full day tucking without pain you have two options:
    a. empty the sperm reserve every day – not good as it will raise the T levels in your blood, and may start have acnes like a teenager again
    b. start HRT, at least T-blockers (Spiro, Finastride), this will keep the sperm production low, and allows better and much easier tucking, I’m not sure if those can be bought without prescription where you live or not, but for me, everything can be obtained without prescriptions, with no questions asked ..

    Nowadays i can almost stay tucked for upto 24 hours .. And now tucking would only take me 2~3 mins even while out when i have to visit the toilets which happens alot because of the Spiro ..

    Personally i’m very much against taping, for many reasons; painful to remove unless you have a very close clean shave, and it takes long time to achieve, and you can’t stay tucked while out ..

    Everyone is lazy, so don’t blame yourself, it’s just you need to find the right way to do things .. Good luck 🙂

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