Trans Challenge: Day 13

Q: Bathrooms

A: I’m all for them, I use them regularly. Naw I know what the questions means and it’s not something I’ve had to deal with yet. The thought of it though does make me feel quite awkward, so I can imagine I’ll feel pretty uncomfortable with it at least at the beginning. I’d imagine my awkwardness towards whether or not I use the female bathroom would depend on how well I thought I was passing.

Ironically I use the ladies bathroom fairly regularly as a man. You see at my work the guy bathroom is pretty disgusting (surprize, surprize) so several years ago I started using the ladies. Which is now basically the only bathroom anyone at my work uses, not sure if I should be thanked or condemned for that…. It’s still by a long shot a lot nicer than the bathroom designated for men, even though every other man at my work (bar two) now use it.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 13

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  2. A: I still don’t have to deal with this now, I’m still presenting as male all the time while out ..
    When shall i start presenting as a female ?? I’ll wait until i can no longer hide my growing breasts, and being mis-gendered at least once a day, to put this to the test I’ll dress up androgynously, with a clean shave, and see how this goes on ..

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