Trans Challenge: Day 12

Q: What are you doing to stay healthy for transitioning mentally and physically?

A: Well, I’m not yet transitioning, but I am trying to stay positive and upbeat about everything, I trying see everything as a positive, as a good thing. I also run three times a weeks and I’m trying to quit smoking… again. I here that smoking is an even bigger no, no for people on HRT. So I’m trying to prepare for that as imagine it would be even harder to quit while taking hormones.

Anything else I could write would be pure speculation, I could be handling things very differently if/when I do transition.


3 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 12

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  2. A: Being under HRT, i need to stay focused on keeping my liver and blood tests fit and up to the right levels ..
    So, I eat healthy, vitamins, fibers, almost 70% of my diet is carbs, 15% protein (to help to make muscle atrophy take place by HRT), and 15% fats ..
    I drink lots of water, Spiro would make you go the toilet very much often sparing potassium (which can cause at extreme cases, s life threatening condition), i lower my salts intake (sodium, potassium at minimum) ..
    I take good care of my skin, body scrub every 3 days, a face scrubbing mask once a week, deep skin cleansing every day morning for my face ..
    A very close shave every two days or so ..
    I would do lab tests every 2 months (the recommended is 3 months) to test the following; liver enzymes, blood count, electrolytes, and testosterone ..
    This is how i do it, and i know i must keep doing it ..
    As my breast grow bigger, i’ll start mammography every 9 months or so .. to make sure they’re in healthy shape ..
    Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

    • For the mental health, that’s the tricky part, being under HRT does mess with your head, one becomes very emotional and vulnerable ..
      So, I decided to find my emotional anchor, something that would make me feel good no matter what, i find this to be a nice drive in my car while wrapping my ears around some chill music tracks ..
      At work i put on my headsets, play dance and club music mixes, and start working while rocking, this always keeps me up ..
      A definition of emotional anchor to me would be:
      1. independent from any human being
      2. only me can call upon at anytime i need
      3. really makes feel good, and put all my troubles behind me

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