Trans Challenge: Day 9

Q: What is something positive about being trans?

A: I guess for me personally, it’s getting to discover and explore different aspects of my personality. Since I’ve accepted that I’m transgender, I have in general been happier and started to let my feminine side into my everyday life. Plus a lot of the time in my past I’ve had this feeling in my stomach, that I guess you could describe as hollow, but as I’m starting to lose my hang ups about doing girly stuff, it fleetingly feels sort of solid. I assume this is what people feel when they say they feel complete. I owe this to being trans, and I guess I sort of feel like it lets me explore the best of both worlds. I get to do fun girl stuff that guys “can’t” and that’s nice. I’m also discovering a whole hosts of interests that I never knew I had, for example as a guy I have no interest what so ever in male fashion, female on the other hand… This is a cliché but I get it now, why girls like shopping. I’ve spent hours online browsing all the clothes I’d buy if I had the money.

So yeah, overall I’m going to go with learning more about myself.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 9

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  2. A: knowing how unique and brave i am to take the decision and move forward with it, is certainly one positive side ..

    As Keira mentioned in her answer above, embracing the true me had certainly made me happier, and more energetic, and everyone can see it, I’m allowing my feminine side to take control over my life one step at a time, my walk, the way i sit, how i choose words, etc, etc, and it really feels good and very natural ..

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