Popping Up

Maybe I just never noticed before, but It would seem that transsexuals are popping up more and more often in my life (albeit mostly in television). Shows such as Orange is the New Black and the newest episode of Orphan Black now feature transsexual characters… and titles that end with the word black. My friend’s friend who has started transitioning, and the woman who came in to my shop, the random woman in front of me in the street a few days ago and I guess I could include R Kelly’s kid, though I can’t claim to have met him or remember his name. Perhaps it’s just because I’m new to this whole thing, but are transsexuals becoming more mainstream?

Actually now that I think about it, the trans women I seen were wearing the colour black and R Kelly’s kid is black… Maybe black is the new black? This maybe another case of my apophenia…

Think I’m going to go to sleep now, night folks.



One thought on “Popping Up

  1. I think acknowledgement of the whole trans thing is becoming more mainstream. Which is good. The more people see it, the more they get educated.
    Trans people in media used to basically be the butt of jokes but with shows like Elementary and OITNB, trans people (especially trans women, who honestly have the most to gain here) are getting good press for pretty much the first time. And with the internet, transition is so much easier than ever before. What a tone to be alive, am I right?

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