Trans Challenge: Day 8

Q: How do you deal with being read mis-genderd in the beginning of transitioning by people?

A: At the moment, I still don’t go out in public dressed as a girl, but I have been (potentially) mistaken for a girl on two different occasions. Which I guess can only be a good thing if I ever do decide to transition. The first time happen when I was at work. An elderly customer seen me from behind, (my hair was quite long at the time, and still would be if the woman who normally cuts my hair hadn’t been on holiday) and addressed me as miss. I generally think that means nothing, but hey maybe I have womanly figure? The second time was at Halloween, and I was at a nightclub dressed as Clark Kent, which basically means I was wearing a suit with a Superman t-shirt. Anyway I was making my way up some stairs when a guy behind me told me that I had a nice bum. So I turned around and said thanks, ‘cause lets face it, I’ll take a compliment when I can get one. He seemed quite freaked out when I said that, so I assume he wasn’t gay. To this day I’m not sure if he mistook me for a girl, (as he was drunk) or maybe he thought it would be funny to try and freak out a guy by telling him he had a nice bum, but instead freaked himself when he realised it didn’t bother me, probably thinking he’d hit on a gay guy. Or you know maybe I do have a nice bum. I mean I think it’s a little flat, but hey-ho everyone has their tastes.

2011-11-01 00.33.21

I’m basically just wearing a cheap suit, hardly the most feminine I’ve ever looked.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 8

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  2. A: I choose not to go in public as my true gender yet, however, as my hair grows, my body shape is changing, my skin and face are getting softer, fuller and brighter, I’m seeing more eye brows are rising by the day ..

    However, over the phone i’ve always been mistaken for a lady, and i’m used to it since i was 20 ..

    How does it make me feel ?? very good, i’ve always knew i was meant to be a girl, not a guy .. So, over the phone if someone on the other side says “ma’am”, i would enjoy it and go with the flow 🙂

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