Trans Challenge: Day 7

Q: Who do you look up to?


A: My uncle Rick (not his real name) has kind of been the de facto dad in my life. Not that I don’t know or get along with my real dad, it’s just that I’ve always lived with mum and only spent about one weekend a month with my dad when I was growing up. My uncle Rick lived in the same village and always included me when doing stuff with his own son. (In general I’m closer with my mums side of the family.) My uncle Rick also suffers from the incredibly rare Strauss syndrome and has done for as long as I can remember. What I admire most about Rick is that no matter how much pain he is in, he just gets on with it. You’ll never hear him complain, he always tries to be easy going and jolly regardless. One of his mottos being “there’s always someone worst off that you.” Meaning what right do have to complain when someone else is suffering more. He will always try to help someone out, regardless of what is going on his own life. The same has always been true for me, when I needed advice or help; I could go to him with anything, except maybe this. I really don’t know how he’ll react to this. Ultimately he’s the best man I’ve ever known and I do regardless of weather or not I decide to stay a man he’ll still be a role model for me. If I end up becoming half the man he is, I’ll be happy.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 7

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  2. Just being me, looking up to someone and not reaching to that goal, would cause frustration .. however this is just me 🙂 i consider this as a defence mechanism that protects me from frustration and disappointment ..

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