Blogging as Procrastination

Like many on here I aspire to one day earn a living through writing and admittedly have already achieved a minute bit of success, by having several short stories published in local anthologies for up and coming writers. My problem is that as of late I haven’t been doing any work. Sure I’ve been writing, but none of it has been particularly creative. It has it fact been for this blog. I have begun using it as a way to procrastinate from work that might further my career. This post for example, is me procrastinating, as I should be writing my personal statement in order to apply for the MLitt I wish to study, the word count for which currently stands at 225. The problem is (and this is a common one for me) that it feels like work, not something I want to do, but rather something I have to do. The reason for this being that my application is basically just a formality and my acceptance on the program is all but a foregone conclusion (pending funding). This isn’t me being overly confident, but simply the facts, for A: I already have the required Grades, B: I have an email from my University’s Chair of Writing Practice and Study asking me to take the course as she thinks I’ll get “a huge amount from it”. * C: said Chair is also the course convenor and on the board that decides if I get accepted onto the program. D: she is also the reference for my application. So not to be smug, but I’m liking my chances. I need to stop thinking of the Personal Statement as a task but rather an opportunity, for although I’ve said that I see it as more of a formality, I still want to take it seriously. It’s just an incredibly tedious thing to write, but hey I guess I’d best get back to it…


*At this point I’ve written more about how I’m not writing than I’ve written about why I should be writing on the MLitt Program.


5 thoughts on “Blogging as Procrastination

  1. Very recognizable! Blogging is such a nice way of procrastinating when there are so many, much more important, things to do… Like studying, in my case. You can do it, though!

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