Trans Challenge: Day 6

Q: Who was the first person you told about being trans?


A: Technically my GP, which was an altogether bizarre experience for me. Finally speaking about all the feelings I’ve been having and the girly stuff I do in private. It felt good, but their was also an element of safety to telling her, as she is for all intents and purposes a complete stranger to me, someone I’m never likely to see again or at the very least not that often. She was really nice and professional about it, but I could tell she had never encountered something like it before, mainly because she had to go and ask a colleague about where to refer me. She also kept reassuring me that she was going to ask for an opinion, I think she was scared I’d think she was going out of the room to laugh or gossip or something.


If I do ever decide to tell anyone the first person will be my friend Chrissie (not her real name). She’s kind of like my Mum, (though she’d rather I see it as big sister) as in she tends to look out for me and gets disappointed in me when I do something I shouldn’t. Her initial reaction will go one of two ways. The first, laughter followed by “fuck off! Are you serious?” The second utter seriousness and asking if I’m all right. Plus she’s also a mental health nurse and I know being transsexual isn’t necessarily a mental health issue, but it might be something she’ll have some experience in. I think I’m fine with either response. In general I’m more nervous about telling her, rather than scared which I can only take as a good sign.


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