Floppy Sock & Alapesha

What! Two posts in one day! Crazy I know.

I thought I’d make a post encompassing all the random thoughts I felt weren’t worth posting about on their own.


  1. Today, at work a trans woman came into the store, and I spotted her pretty much instantly even though (in my opinion) she didn’t look overly masculine. I believe if I wasn’t currently exploring my own gender at the moment I probably wouldn’t have suspected at all. However, curious to know if I only spotted her because I’ve been thinking about transsexual stuff pretty much 24\7 lately I asked the girl I was working with if she thought she was transsexual. Her reply was “oh yeah, definitely”. What impressed me most (and to her credit) was how she did not change her attitude or demeanour at all when serving the woman, and in general seemed quite nonchalant about the whole thing. If anything I was probably making it more obvious that I recognised her trans status than my co-worker (even though I tried not to), I was just fascinated. So on the off chance you end up reading this, I whole heartily apologise if I in anyway made you feel uncomfortable, for I suspect that you suspected that I suspected as to whether or not you were a woman. In my opinion you passed quite well, and the two dogs you had with you were adorable.


  1. My flat mate is an ass, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, cause he’s actually my best friend. The reason he’s an ass, is because he plays this stupid game called Floppy Sock. The object of Floppy Sock is pull your unsuspecting victims sock half off, so you guessed it, it’s floppy. The problem is my flat mate sucks at his own game and more often than not just pulls the sock right off.  This sadly means, as no one yet knows about my trans status that I can’t have my toenails painted. Which sucks, ‘cause it turns out…


  1. I frickin’ love having painted/painting my nails. I like the smell, the slightly cold sensation of the polish being applied and how it looks after. This weekend, because my flatmate has been staying at his girlfriends place, I’ve been able to have my toenails painted, without fear of being “floppy socked”, and it’s been nice. I get enjoyment and just in general feel happier knowing that my toenails are painted even when they’re hidden under socks and shoes. Though for about an hour yesterday I did get pretty paranoid that the polish was going to stain the nails when I had to remove it for work (since I had the flat to myself I also painted my fingernails). I figured a girl would be able to spot the tell tale signs right away, and I’m not ready yet to have to explain all this to people. Luckily it never stained, though I do quite miss having them done. (see below, I think they turned out ok for someone who doesn’t have much practice.)

photo 1-4 photo 2-4

  1. Also, I am insanely hairy, it’s very annoying. I shaved the hair on my feet, (gross I know, I don’t really like picturing it either, but I figured if there was ever a bunch of people who would understand the agony that is unwanted hair then it would be you guys (and when I say guys I mean it in the unisex sense, I regularly call girls guys, it’s basically a genderless word to me.)) and it’s frickin’ crazy how quickly it started to grow back. Plus even when it was freshly done you could still see where the hairs use to be… gads. Basically I’m only shaving my feet because as I said I’m insanely hairy and if my legs and chest suddenly developed alapesha overnight people would notice. I have to say though my feet did look much better after. I’m normally pretty iffy about them as I think they’re quite ugly.


  1. I don’t know if this is something anyone else will have experienced, (so a comment or two about this would be most appreciated) but I’ve noticed certain opinions that I’ve held as a male change when I think of myself\ future as a girl. For example I’ve never been particularly fond of tattoos, but when I think of my future self as a girl I’m a bit like “yeah I could get a tattoo, I‘d probably really suit one.” I mean it’s not a big deal, just something odd I noticed.


  1. I use far (far) too many parentheses when I write. It’s like Something Happened on this blog.  (That was a little literary joke for people.)


  1. All in all, I’ve had a pretty girly weekend by myself, (which I very much needed) I got to paint my nails, have a facemask, play about with some light makeup (I own hardly any at the moment) and wear nice clothes.

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