Trans Challenge: Day 2

Q: How did you choose your name, and what names were you thinking about using and why?

A: The name Keira, came instantly for me. I knew even before I accepted myself as transgender that my name was Keira. There was never another contender.

There are several reason why I think it’s such a good fit for me.

  1. There was once a very important person in my life called Keira, someone I cared a great deal for, who is sadly not here anymore. So in some weird sort of way it feels like I’m honouring her by sharing her name. Well… in as much as a guy choosing to use your name can be seen as an honour.
  2. Keira is an Irish Name. I am Irish and this is something I’m proud of.
  3. My male name starts with the letter K, and this is something I wanted to keep. There are more obvious feminine versions of my name, but I don’t particularly like them.
  4. I like the name, I like it’s meaning and I think it’s pretty and sounds nice.

As far as middle names go I haven’t a clue, I’d like to keep my initials (K.J.H) but I’m not set on it; mainly because I’m having a hard time thinking of a name that begins with J that feels right for me. So please feel free to give suggestions in the comments.

My Surname I’ll keep the same, I not particularly fond of it, but I don’t know, It’s a family thing I guess.


2 thoughts on “Trans Challenge: Day 2

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  2. I didn’t choose a name yet, just considering few options ..
    Since i’m originally from an arabic-speaking country, I’d go for something that’s gender neutral (arabic does have a dozen of gender-neutral names) that would make legalities much easier for me ..
    Since no LGBT law/rights in where i live, my only chance is to change my name (only) to something neutral .. yet still considering options ..

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