GP Referral

Ok, so that just happened. I decided over the weekend that I was ready to take my first official steps in exploring my gender identity, which in the UK is to contact your GP about a referral to a Gender Identity Clinic. So bright and early this morning I began phoning my local practice in order to book an appointment. I knew before hand that my local practice is normally quite busy and expected to be on hold for a while, (I was) and for the appointment to be made later in the week (it wasn’t). When I did get through to the receptionist at 09:30 and explained that my situation wasn’t an emergency, she informed me that because I live near by that an appointment was available in 15 minutes time. I took the appointment, but it caught me of guard. I hadn’t expected it to happen so soon, and in order to make the appointment I basically had to leave my flat right away. Although I had been planning what I was going to say over the weekend, I had expected to have more time to prepare myself mentally for explaining my feelings. As this would be the first time I’ve told a person face to face. Having more time would have had advantages and drawbacks. Primarily, locking down what I was going to say, with the drawback being I would have psyched myself out by over thinking it and ended up pretty stressed over the next few days. So all in all it’s probably for the best it happened so quickly.


Overall I ‘m happy to have done it, even though I feel I didn’t explain myself as well as I would have liked. This was due to nerves and the fact that I hadn’t prepared myself for the types of questions the doctor was going ask. (Which in hindsight was pretty silly on my part, as she asked fairly standard questions given the situation). Other than that I’m happy I did it, and it went pretty well the doctor was nice and she seemed understanding. As it stands now, I am being referred to a local psychologist, and not a Gender Identity Clinic. I’m ok with this, and I think it happen because I explained that I wasn’t 100% sure if I am transsexual and that I basically just wanted help figuring it out. All that is left for me to do is wait for the psychologist to contact me in order arrange a date and time for my first meeting. Just wish I knew how long this normally takes. Whatever happens after today at least I can be happy with the fact I’m making progress. I’m moving forward.


Questions She Asked

  1. How long have I been feeling like this?
  2. How does it make me feel?
  3. Have I ever gone out dressed as a girl?
  4. Who have I told?
  5. Have I ever wanted to hurt myself?
  6. Am I in a relationship?
  7. Am I employed or a student?
  8. What I wanted to get from a referral?

9 thoughts on “GP Referral

  1. Congratulations!

    GRCs are a tertiary service: they take referrals from specialists, not from GPs. It takes a long time, I am afraid.

    Meanwhile, you can deal with beard removal, growing your hair, going female in public etc.

    • Hey, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I’m aware that these things take time. I would just like to know that my first appointment is going to be four months down the line rather than have no time frame at. I just want the date, even if it isn’t for a while. If that makes any sense.

      I’m not quite ready yet to go female in public, but I have been thinking about it. I think I’d do it gradually rather than a dramatic change all at once.

      • I started out at the Northern Concord in Manchester, but there are other places. Then I tried the concert hall: I reasoned that these nice, middle-class people would not make a scene. Then I tried the supermarket- well, you have to go there if you are going to transition. I found it scary, but other people are minding their own business, only looking at you to avoid collision.

      • See, I was thinking even slower than that. Kind of just gradually feminising my appearance little by little, so it wouldn’t be such a shock to people who know me. I also thought (and I could be wrong) that doing it this way may help with my confidence as I myself get use to being seen in public as a girl.

  2. I feel you on wanting a date. I’m hopefully starting T within the next couple weeks, and I have the date of my endo appointment but I have no idea if I’m going to be a viable candidate or if I’m getting the shot at that appointment or one further down the line. Ask any of my friends, I’m a bundle of nerves right now.
    Good luck in your deeper search into your gender identity. I hope you get an appointment with a psychologist soon!

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